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Sidesaddles for discriminating riders—selling only saddles I would like to ride.
No economy imports, no “pretenders,” no saddles with ride quality concerns.
Ask for photos!


The beauty and elegance of sidesaddle riding begins with the right equipment, and that is why purchasing from a knowledgeable source is so important. Sidesaddle Heaven will work with you to find a saddle that fits you, fits your horse, fits your purpose—and fits your budget. You’ll find the largest selection of English style sidesaddles from famous makers here, as well as unique examples of western and historic interest. We are always happy to search our extensive network for special requests.

Sidesaddles for Discriminating Riders


(Please note that saddles are listed by seat size, from smaller to larger,
with tree sizes given as second measurement)


NEW LISTING: #345 MARTIN 7 MARTIN, LONDON/NY/PHILADELPHIA. 19” X 11” seat, 6” gullet/#2 tree. Attention Pony Moms—rare, rare, rare and authentic Martin & Martin child’s saddle. Leather exterior is completely redone, fawn suede on inset seat and pommels, all new billets. M&M patent take-up stirrup leather with authentic Scott’s Safety Iron in #5 size/3 ½” tread, and “garage door” for easy girthing. 2-position leaping pommel for versatility of fit as your young rider grows. Linen-over-serge undersi
de, well stuffed and balanced. Reinforced tree. Has been used by child rider on a Welsh pony and by petite adult on a Pinto horse. $2200

NEW LISTING: #337 SEARLES of PHILADELPHIA, 19 ¼” x 13” seat, 6” #2 tree. Champion & Wilton type breakaway assembly with correct C&W fitting and sidesaddle stirrup leather. Wide pommels, all dees, unique convenience feature. All new billets, new suede on seat, imported saddler’s linen underside and correctly padded up for balance. Small seat is great size for petite rider or young lady. Double reinforced, recommended for flat work. $1600

SOLD to MA: #322 OWEN OF LONDON, 20” X 12” seat, 6” gullet/#3 tree. Elegant Owen styling for today’s rider. Doeskin seat and wide pommels, all dees, supple Owen skirting leather, extended panel under the safe for more right leg support. Correct Owen breakaway stirrup leather. New suede on pommels, recent billets, totally relined and professionally stuffed for the level seat and balance you expect from this famous maker. $2800

NEW LISTING: #338 WHIPPY OF LONDON (stamped on tree) with MAYHEW STYLE breakaway mechanism: 20” x 12 ¾” seat, 5 ¾”” gullet/#2 tree. Completely rebuilt exterior: wide pommels (2 position) and inset seat in genuine doeskin, outside billets for your convenience when girthing, eliminating need for over girth. New linen underside, extended panel on near side for support under right leg. Correct Mayhew fitting on sidesaddle stirrup leather, all dees. Elegant for dressage and flat classes, not recommended for jumping. $2200

NEW LISTING: #330 MARTIN & MARTIN, LONDON/NYC/PHILADELPHIA . 20 ½” x 12 ¼” seat; 6” gullet/#3 tree, wider than standard M&M. Martin & Martin patent breakaway mechanism and sidesaddle stirrup leather with fitting. Medium pommels with 2 position leaping pommel. Hinged off-side “garage door” for easy access to billets while mounted. Suede seat for secure ride; reinforced tree; all dees; newly lined w/imported Irish linen on bearing surfaces and correctly balanced. Martin & Martin comfort in the smaller seat and wider tree very much in demand today. $2000

NEW LISTING: #343 OWEN OF LONDON, 20 ½” X 12 ½”: 6” gullet/#3 tree. Wide pommels, recently covered in genuine doeskin by professional saddler, and doeskin seat. Correct Owen stirrup assembly, recent billets, newly relined in imported Irish linen, correctly padded and balanced…High number Owen in the most desirable size and with all the deluxe Owen features you are looking for, ready for the show ring. This could be your dream saddle! $3850
#261 MODERN CUT-BACK with MAYHEW TYPE breakaway assembly. 20 ½”” x 12 ½” seat, 5 ½” x #2+ tree will fit wide horse with defined withers and can be stuffed to fit low-backed or aged horse. Doeskin seat and wide pommels. A very pretty saddle, Appointments Class ready. Has been used on Andalusian and big TB.  $2000.

REDUCED: #311 MARTIN & MARTIN, LONDON/NYC/PHILADELPHIA  20 1/2” x 12 1/2”, 6” gullet/#2 tree. All leather, medium pommels, 2-position leaping pommel, take-up stirrup leather with original (small) Copes safety iron.  Great provenance: from the Prentice Estate in Williamstown, MA (Mrs. Prentice was John D. Rockefeller’s daughter), 72 room summer home “Elm Tree House.” Still London Tan color. Complete with balance girth and carrying case. $1900

NEW LISTING: #332 KNOUD, NYC. 21” x 12 ½” seat; 6” gullet/#2 tree. Elegant Show Model (a.k.a.”Park Saddle”) with wide pommels, narrow off-side flap, and removable long balance billet for the sleek lines popular in the days of showing fine horses aside. Original leather underside in GC; made without stress bar to produce a lighter weight saddle. Mayhew type breakaway assembly with new sidesaddle stirrup leather and correct Mayhew fitting, suede added on pommels and seat for your security. New billets and ready to ride in style! $2000

NEW LISTING: #348 CHAMPION & WILTON, LONDON. 21” x 12 ¾” seat, 6” gullet/#3 tree. This saddle has been a real workhorse, used most recently on very wiiiiide ASB Sport Horse. Suede seat, medium pommels, all dees, correct
C&W fitting and sidesaddle stirrup leather. Converted to outside billets for your convenience in girthing, totally restuffed with new flocking wool and correctly balanced for ride quality. Consider this saddle for your x-wide horse…. $1500

REDUCED: #284 MAYHEW LISADELL of LONDON 21+ x 13 ½” seat, 6” gullet/#3 tree should fit a wide horse. All leather, single position leaping pommel. Great value--where else will you find a genuine Mayhew Lisadell with all renovations, including: recent billets; recent surcingle; new sidesaddle stirrup leather; and relined--for just $1400?

#312 ENGLISH STYLE, 21” x 13 ½”, 6” gullet/ #2 tree for medium-build horse.. A unique all leather straight head with short points but hunt saddle look and construction. Reinforced tree, bolstered safe, hanky slit. Relined and balanced. Includes stirrup leather & Peacock iron. Great starter, schooling or guest saddle at an affordable price. $695

SOLD TO CT: #342 OWEN of LONDON, 21 ½” X 13”,; 6” gullet/#3 tree. Owen’s rare “Show Model” with abbreviated off-side flap (pushes up for access to long billets, eliminating overgirth) and removable long balance billet. EXC: recent double-ply billets, recent new panel, suede on seat and wide pommels. Recent sidesaddle stirrup leather, original matched breakaway fitting, new egg-eye Scott’s safety stirrup. Professionally padded up and rides beautifully. Has been used happily on large QH, Andalusian cross, WB, and big ASB. $3500

NEW: #346 KLOSE of GERMANY, 21” x 14”, 6” gullet/#2 tree. Like-new sidesaddle on Aulton & Butler tree, made by British trained saddler. Wide doeskin pommels and doeskin seat, Mayhew type breakaway assembly with correct sidesaddle stirrup leather and fitting. Top quality skirting leather, saddler’s serge under for ease in padding up. This is a beautiful saddle with the look of those being made in England today; maker is listed in Side Saddle Association of UK handbook. Your chance to buy to buy a modern saddle in seat size designed for your comfort. $2,500

ON HOLD: #336 CHAMPION & WILTON of LONDON, 21 ½” X 13” seat, 5 ½” gullet/#2 tree. Wide pommels and Mayhew style breakaway mechanism for security when mounting, classic C&W style with shaped seat. All renovations completed: all new billets; suede seat added; new elastic in convenience feature; new sidesaddle stirrup leather with correct fitting; correctly balanced with “London stuffed” profile. On cover of 2015 Aside World. $1695.

#340 WHIPPY of LONDON, 21 1/2” X 13” seat, 6”/#2 tree. Wide pommels and inset seat in peach colored doeskin, Mayhew style breakaway mechanism with correct sidesaddle stirrup leather and fitting. All dees. Underside in classic saddler’s linen. A lovely saddle in show condition, super comfy. Has been on Hanoverian and Oldenburg. $2400

COMING SOON: #331 WHIPPY of LONDON, 21 ½” x 13”, TB tree, rare Whippy “Show Model #5” with abbreviated off-side flap that has had an “apron” flap added by a modest someone years ago! This saddle is with “our saddler” while it recovers from the misguided attention of “someone else’s saddler.” We trust it will be worth the wait! Price to follow.

NEW LISTING: #333 MARTIN & MARTIN, LONDON/NYC/PHILADELPHIA 21 ½” x 13 ½”; 6” gullet/#2 tree. A time-capsule sidesaddle with very few miles on it, chestnut-colored leather. Martin & Martin’s “Extension Heads Model” with wide pommels and convenient off-side “garage door” eliminates need for over-girth.. M&M patent breakaway mechanism and sidesaddle stirrup leather with correct M&M fitting. Underside relined with leather, easily removed if desired (serge underneath), otherwise original and in exceptional condition for those who want “like new.” $2200

DEPOSIT: #306 HARRIES & SON of ENGLAND, 21 ½” X 13 ½”, 5 ½” gullet/#1 tree. All leather saddle early 1900’s: medium pommels, 2 position leaping pommel, roller bar stirrup leather with safety iron. New billets, newly relined and padded up to balance. Authentic Harries documentation from Walsall Saddlery Museum is included. $1200

SOLD to WA: #339 CUT-BACK on Samuel Hunter tree, WALSALL, ENGLAND. 21 ½” x 14” seat, 6” gullet/#2 tree, medium pommels. All new double-ply billets, suede seat added, new linen & serge lining, padded to balance, all dees, comfy wide seat. C&W type breakaway mechanism has been by-passed as consignor found it “light”; C&W fitting and sidesaddle stirrup leather with safety iron included. This is a heart-of-gold saddle in a versatile size and affordable price; worth your consideration for entry level, schooling or guest saddle. Has been used on QH type horse. $1195.

#325 MARTIN & MARTIN, LONDON, NYC, PHILADELPHIA: 22” x 14” seat, 6” gullet/#2+ tree. Versatile two position leaping pommel, bolstered safe for leg support, take-up stirrup leather, Peacock safety iron and professionally done leather underside! Suede seat added for your comfort and security. Own this ready-to-ride saddle for just $1195.

GREATLY REDUCED: #302 KNOUD OF NYC, 23” x 13 ¾” seat, 6” gullet/#2+ tree. Peach colored inset doeskin seat and wide pommels; hinged “garage door” off-side flap; Mayhew type breakaway mechanism; sidesaddle stirrup leather with egg-eye iron. Leather underside with correct balance/fit. Favorite of Clare Coley, excellent for jumping. Includes genuine Fitzwilliam girth and balance girth. Exceptional condition. Ridden on appendix QH and Dutch WB. $2500

#283 MARTIN & MARTIN OF LONDON, NYC, PHILADELPHIA: 23” x 14”, 6” gullet/#2 tree. Contemporary model with extended pommels and Martin & Martin patent breakaway assembly in addition to M&M springside convenience feature. Complete and in exceptional condition--relined with new imported linen on bearing surfaces and new serge on quilted surfaces. New sidesaddle stirrup leather and balance girth, one of the prettiest saddles you’ll find. $2800


 (side bar tree)

#336 CHILD SIZE WESTERN, 16” X 12”—rare size and utterly charming. Sound western tree, leaping pommel, western shaped seat for security, and new rigging. Safety stirrup and stirrup leather. Can’t you picture your little girl in it? Sold ready for lead-line use; replacing vintage skirts is recommended if wanted for hard riding. $450

#335 YOUNG LADY’S WESTERN, 17 ½” x 13 ½”. Completely redone in two-tone chestnut leather, double rigged plus surcingle, girths included. The story that came with this saddle is that it was “one of a pair done for a wealthy man’s daughters by a Texas sadder who did work for Hollywood stars like John Wayne….” Can’t verify the story but you’ll agree that this is a spectacular little saddle! Sadly outgrown by its previous young lady, now ready for yours. $1200

#310 WESTERN “a.k.a.GOODNIGHT style” STOCK SIDESADDLE. 19” x 15” seat with inside cantle roll. Rawhide covered tree, double rigged with brass rigging rings, square skirts, authentic basket weave trim and offside purse. New suede on seat and safe for better contact, new saddle strings, and replaced ties. Available later….



ORIGINAL: #323 Edwardian period BACH of NYC, 23” seat, cut-back sidesaddle, turn of 20th century. Exceptional original condition—still light russet color. Display or renovate for use—panel needs complete relining/stuffing on bearing surfaces, strap work is original and should be replaced before riding. Sold “as found.” $800

ELEGANT; #324 CROSS OF LONDON cut-back. 22” x 14” seat. Large silver monogram on off side saddle (saddler’s nail heads also polish up as silver) suggests it was made for a society belle! Found in attic of an historic CT home; recently relined with serge and linen to be used in a Downton Abbey themed decorator’s display. Otherwise original and sold “as found”. $995

PAINTED LADY: rare Transitional Period (1840-1880) sidesaddle with very large skirts, lavishly painted decoration, attached saddle cloth embroidered to match. Leather shows its age but decorative elements make it collection-worthy; it is a spectacular example of high-end Eastern seaboard saddles of the period. Sold “as found.” $200.

SOLD to MI: EARLY AMERICAN: Authentic Early American sidesaddle, 1780-1840 era. Prominent off-pommel that was the rider’s hand-hold for security, inset doe seat in unique heart shape, fine detail on Morocco leather pommels. Billets and saddle cloth replaced, ridden in Historic Costume Classes. For the rider who wants true authenticity! $500.


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SADDLE TRIAL POLICY: Sidesaddles are sent out on trial after full payment is received; purchaser to pay shipping and handling, and insurance. I am happy to work out a reasonable trial period with you--usually 3 to 7 days. In the event of a return, purchaser again pays shipping cost and insurance. When saddle is received here in the same condition in which it was sent out, the purchase price is then refunded.

TRADE UP POLICY: Sidesaddles purchased from Sidesaddle Heaven may be traded towards a saddle of higher price at a later date, provided the trade-up is one I own and not one here on consignment. Adjustments may be made for condition of the saddle being traded in.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Horseback riding is an inherent risk activity. Check all tack for safety before each ride, following industry guidelines. Due to the nature of vintage saddles, the unsupervised uses to which they may be put, and the unpredictable nature of horses, warranty is neither expressed nor implied. Purchase constitutes agreement to these terms.

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