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Knowledgeable attention will keep your valued
equipment rideable and resaleable.

A quality sidesaddle holds its value when maintained through cleaning and conditioning, replacement of billets, and relining of panels as needed. Slippery all-leather seats can have suede added for the modern rider’s security, and leaping pommels can be custom shaped for comfort and balance.

A saddle found in its original state should be checked for soundness, cleaned and conditioned, have all support leather replaced, and have balance assembly added if absent. Too-tight leather undersides can be replaced with serge to wick moisture and heat away from the horse’s back and to accommodate the amount of stuffing needed for optimal fit.

Unfortunately, many vintage sidesaddles have suffered tree damage from drops and falls. We have a good record of returning such saddles to a safe and useable state, and are fortunate to have the services of a talented metal worker who enjoys this unique challenge.

We do not do “chopping,” that is, cutting down the long point of an English sidesaddle to make it accommodate a horse wider than the saddle tree. Chopping destabilizes the sidesaddle, especially on left turns when the long point is needed for support, and lowers its value. We will, however, be happy to assist you in your search for a saddle that fits your horse appropriately

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