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Golden Age saddlers built their reputations by meeting the needs of a discriminating clientele. Those famous makers knew that only someone who rides aside can truly understand the “feel” of a correctly balanced saddle, and sidesaddle riding lessons were a part of apprenticeship for those who would be working on their high-end saddles.

As an active sidesaddle rider for 30 years, I am in a unique position to understand the relationship between saddle fit and rider success. Through extensive sidesaddle riding and hands-on training with hundreds of sidesaddles, I have developed assessment and fitting skills to the Master Technician level. This experience can work for you.

Following Golden Age traditions, I use only quality “flock” (virgin white wool processed for saddle stuffing use) and special stuffing tools, many of them antique. Although a saddle can be stuffed to a “general fit” in the shop, it is optimal that horse, saddle, rider and technician be brought together for custom fitting. The result will be a saddle that stays centered and balanced with the rider aboard, one that is secure and comfortable for horse and rider alike. Our customers marvel at the difference it makes!

Visit our “Stars” pages to see what riders achieve in a well-balanced saddle. Enjoy!

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