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Navy summer weight cutaway habit styled after the Caldene, professionally made and never worn. Fully lined jacket has 2-button front and double vent back: 33” bust: 29” waist; 16 ½” across back at top of shoulder; 13 ½ across back at mid sleeve; 26” long collar to hem, 23” sleeve from shoulder to cuff. Apron: 26” waist; 19” waist to point of knee; 27” drop from waist to hem on left side. Size 4-6? $500

SOLD TO SC : 3 PIECE BROWN CUTAWAY HABIT by Romanes & Paterson, Glasgow. Believed worn just once—with East of Fife Hunt in Scotland. Unique step-in apron, great provenance (family’s McEuen Scholarship Foundation benefits St. Andrews University), hard to find in this condition!  Size 8-10. $700

BLACK BESPOKE HABIT: professionally tailored w/Caldene look. Single button cutaway jacket w/37” bust, 38” waist, 15” back and 23 ½” sleeve length. Apron: 30” waist, 16 ½” knee length, 31” drop from waist to hem on left side. Recently made and like new condition. A great value at $500.

SOLD to CANADA:  NAVY “EQUIPRO’” (formerly CALDENE) habit imported from England for AsideLines. Modern size and like-new condition! 2-button cutaway jacket marked “40”:  40”/42” bust, 36” waist, 27” sleeve length, 17” across shoulders at top of hanger; 29” collar to hem in back. Apron: 33”/34” waist, 19” lap length, 32” drop. Consignor wore twice.  $750

SOLD TO PA :  NAVY “BUSVINE of LONDON HABIT, 1950. Once–in-a-lifetime opportunity! The most famous habit maker of all, Excellent condition, exceptional provenance. Modern style and size: melton 2 button cutaway with diagonal pockets and double vent back. 38” bust, 36” waist, shaped sleeves 26” from seam to cuff. Apron: 32” waist, 18” lap length, 31” drop. Made for society matron Mrs. Wilson Mills of Detroit; she rode with 3 hunts but this was her “show” habit so in EXC. $1000. includes her navy size 7 bowler by Scott & Co. London. ( Mrs. Mills’ Owen #300 w/girths,”queen” and side saddle trunk also available)

BLACK/DARK GREY NARDI of NY habitmost famous American habit maker. 2 button classic cutaway in mid-weight wool. Coat with sloped pockets and double vent back is lined in cream/black tattersall.  Size 6-8?  38” Bust, 14 ½” shoulder-to-shoulder at mid sleeve, 26” length collar to hem. The legendary Nardi Patent Safety Apron with signature snaps that will open under pressure, releasing the apron: 30” waist,     15” lap/knee length, 25”  drop, 4” hem. Was made for Mrs. Otis of the Otis Elevator fortune. $700

MODERN SHADBELLY HABIT, black, lightweight fabric, size 8-10. Made by Jan Floyd and worn by her on cover of Side Saddle News. Shadbelly w/36” bust has 3-button front and notched lapels, flattering back; apron w/31” waist and 28 ½” drop is completely interfaced so will never wrinkle or billow. $395

SOLD to CANADA: BLACK WOOL CUTAWAY HABIT size 6-8 (petite?) Mid weight, Jacket: 37” bust; 33” waist; 24” collar to hem. Apron: 28” waist; 16: knee seam; 25 ½” drop. $250

BROWN HABIT, made in 1980’s by professional seamstress. Frock coat style (pin back for cutaway appearance) and apron in easy-care fabric, size 8 petite. $175 (or $250 with brown silk top hat)

CHILD’S HABIT, lightweight heather brown, girl’s size 10+. Single button cutaway jacket lined in tattersall, notched lapels and back detail. Apron 25” waist and 24” drop, lined with lightweight wool for body. Velcro side fastening. Includes canary wool vest w/brass buttons by Equestrian of England $175

GREEN HABIT made in 1980’s from a wool-look double knit fabric that should be cooler and easy care. Classic cutaway pattern, estimated size 8, apron waist is 32”.  $150 Great starter habit.

VERSATILE 3 PIECE HABIT, 1980’s, with grey cutaway jacket, grey/burgundy plaid vest and apron. Professionally made, goes English or western. Size 8, 29” waist apron. $150.



VINTAGE APRON BY Abercrombie & Fitch, brown “keeper’s tweed.” 30” waist, 16” knee length, 26” drop, lovely tailoring but damage in front from thorns, some mending. Schooling apron or as pattern, $100

VINTAGE  BROWN APRON by BUSVINE of ENGLAND—the most famous maker. 26” waist, 27” drop.  Several moth holes but would make classy schooling apron, includes recent glen plaid jacket. $75

 VINTAGE DARK NAVY WOOL apron by D. D. Vincent of NYC, 1925. 28” waist, 26 ½” drop, 7 ½” hem.

 VINTAGE GREY WOOL APRON by Fantini of Washington, D.C. and Lenox MA. 30” waist, 27 ½” drop,
 7 1’2” hem. $125


SOLD TO GA: Abercrombie & Fitch hunt coat, 1940’s-1950’s, flattering cut emphasizes waist and shoulders. Chestnut/black houndstooth check wool in longer length, EXC! Size 8 tall? $110

Linen Look riding coat, natural linen color, NOS (New/Old Stock, never worn), A head start on your summer habit or safari look!  Estimated size 6. $75

VINTAGE KAUFMAN Oxford Grey (dark) wool, w/hat cord ring in collar. 38” chest, 30” length. $65

VINTAGE BRITTANY 1960’s brown linen summer weight, 3 button, 36”/38”bust, 29” length. $30



 Two canary yellow hunt vests just in, see under “Appointments.”



BOWLERS: The classic headgear for English sidesaddle riding. The “real thing” with reinforced crowns:
Bowler 6 ¾--Miller’s Bolatron Safety Crown, small tear on crown has been repaired, otherwise VGC.  Complete with hat cord. Black. $75
Bowler 7 1/8—Harry Heath of London for Beckwith’s of Boston. Very clean, no fading, but brim has been repaired. Includes both elastic chin strap and hat cord. Black. $50

three-fold girths in genuine baghide—the real thing! 42”, 44” 46”, 48” --$80
 “Show Girth”: 53” three-fold girth with attached balance strap, used. $75
  Hermon style 33” pony size three fold, Made in England, used. $40
  Hemon style 36pony size three fold, Made in England, new (NOS) $60
  SOLD: Collectible: 52” baghide 3-fold by Champion & Wilton Co. London$50
  SOLD: Used 50” baghide 3-fold with three buckles each end. $50
NOS white web Fitzwilliam girth: 46” under girth, 44” over girth  $60
Used Leather “ventilating style” by Coogan of Philadelphia: 48” under girth,  44” over girth $60
Equalizes the pressure on each saddle billet for maximum “set” on the horse:
48” brown “Aerborne” (like Cottage Craft) washable girth from England 48”.  $60
50” black English leather, three-fold equalizer girth, made in England  $80
ADJUSTABLE GIRTHS:  Leather, adjusts from 42” to 50”, invaluable when working several horses.  $50
Used balance girths from 44” to 52” $40 to $65--inquire
SOLD: Used “Whippy of London” in 45”  $45
SOLD:  new egg-eye sidesaddle irons with 4” tread, $95;
 vintage Copes safety stirrup w/ 4” tread, iron, $50
SOLD: Copes style Safety, 4 ½” tread, $110
For Champion & Wilton, Mayhew/Whippy, Martin & Martin: $150
For Owen: $175
(Includes proper fitting and sidesaddle hook stud adjustment)
OUT OF STOCK: SADDLE FITTING PADS: brand new fitting pad from England; brown quilted cotton with keepers and velcroed pockets for adjustable shims, shims included. $95

Swaine & Adeney London, stag-horn hunt whip, hallmarked silver collar, braided leather shaft, new thong and lash. $195

Swaine and Adeney stag horn whip, hallmarked silver 1930, braided leather shaft, new  keeper, thong and lash (smaller diameter crop than above, good for small hand)  $250

SOLD: Rare Martin & Martin stag horn whip, hallmarked silver 1935,
all original except for new lash. $250

SOLD:  unique hunt whip with Bakelite “stag horn.” All original, complete and exceptional condition. Light weight and quite dainty, good for small hand.$175

Stag horn hunt whip, “R.C.F. 1911”. Collar polishes like silver but not marked. Sturdy.  $125
SOLD: ANTIQUE RIDING CROP: 28” long with unique stag horn, silver collar, hardwood shaft. $85


HOOPER’S SADDLE FOOD: Imported from England, best all-natural leather conditioner ever! $9

SADDLE JAMMIES: Fitted fleece sidesaddle covers in solids and fun prints. Great for traveling, too. $30

TOP HAT PADS:  velvet pad for polishing your top hat, as used in England.  $5       



  Brown silk top hat, size 7 ¼”, includes brown veil  $85
  Black silk top hat for costume, 6” crown, size 6 7/8 $75

LADIES SIDESADDLE CANTEEEN/SANDWICH CASE: Dark brown leather to match your classic saddle, with unbreakable sandwich box and flask. All straps and buckles present and in excellent condition. $395

SIDESADDLE VEILS from England, for use with top hat: Button fastening style, classic and correct. $10

HUNTING BREASTPLATES: Flat leather breastplates, correct for Appointments Class.
                                                New  $45      SOLD:Used $20

SOLD OUT: STRING GLOVES: vintage genuine crocheted gloves (not work gloves sold on eBay!) $10

  Deluxe hunt vest from Bevals, hand stitched edges, satin back but wool lined inside. size 6? EXC $95
  SOLD: Child size hunt vest, 32” bust, 28” waist, 18” collar to hem in back. By Elan.  $35
  Small size hunt vest in buttercream colored wool, plain buttons. $30



Derby, brown, size 6 7/8. A piece of history--Mrs. Everhart’s own!  Locke & Co., London. $75
Derby, brown, size 7 1/8” by Blue Ribbon  $35
Derby, black, Size 7, by Dunlop of NYC. Very clean, elastic chin strap but not reinforced crown. $50
Derby, brown, estimated 6 7/8, used with brown tweed habit. Not reinforced. Could use blocking. $20

BLACK TOP HAT, sidesaddle height at 4 ½”. Marked 7 ¼ but measures as size 7.  EXC $125
BROWN SILK TOP HAT, 7 ¼”  Includes brown veil $85


SPANISH HAT—the real thing by Marca Escojida. Black with ribbon band and strap, 6 ¾? $30

LOUIS IV (1652) reproduction riding habit (with source sketch.) Fitted velvet brocade jacket in black, gold and white, with white insets in “slashed” sleeves. Black velvet skirt for riding. Custom-made black, tall-crowned hat with plumes. Petite size. $195. See in Historic Attire section at

CATHERINE DiMEDICI—or your very own Renaissance fantasy! Fabulous 100 year old Chicago Opera House costume in rose fabric with ivory damask, pale blue satin, and much gold embroidery and trim. Boned and adjustable—size 8 to ? (Some rips in bodice fabric where that long-ago diva hit High C, but can be mended) See in use at a navy and burgundy velvet outfit for your attendant/page. $350 w/page’s outfit; $300 dress alone

VINTAGE “BODICE”  (jacket or dress top) in modern size! Midnight blue fabric (possibly silk blend) with navy braid and soutache, ivory braid trimmed front, invisible hooks. Full, full sleeves gathered to a 6” cuff; buckram lined but was not finished so never worn. Probably turn-of-century but has the “look” of ante-bellum habits and would make a good start of one. 38” bust, 30” waist.  $50

VINTAGE BLACK WOOL LADIES COAT ca 1890’s—1910? Light weight wool, unlined, double row of buttons down front. Puffed, shaped sleeves and lovely back seaming for riding habit look. Size 8? $100

 1. Medium weight black wool riding skirt in excellent condition for the period. 25+” waist $125
 2. Medium weight black wool, cashmere soft, tiny waist. $100

MODERN DIVIDED RIDING SKIRT. Built-in panel that buttons across for modesty while walking.Vintage design but by Wahmaker of Arizona, marked size 10. Brown cotton twill washed to a mellow vintage look, with 29” waist, 28” length. Button fastenings. $$25

VINTAGE LACE-UP SHOES: black leather, small size approximately 10” long and 3” wide  $50

VINTAGE GREY TOP HAT—the formal type worn at England’s Ascot Races. Would make a great costume hat. With black scarf around band and original hat box. $150



SIDE SADDLE by Doreen Archer Houblon, 1977 edition, 115 pages.  The definitive book, the first using individual frames from motion pictures to analyze the true mechanics of riding aside. The studious rider will read and reread, learning something new each time. Copy in exceptional condition, appears to be unused except for fading to spine of the dust jacket. $85

Another copy of SIDE SADDLE, 1977 edition. Some foxing and a little musty but includes dust jacket,  intact and otherwise unmarked. $75

Riding Side-Saddle by Janet Macdonald and Valerie Francis, 1985 edition of 1978 original

SADDLERY AND HORSE EQUIPMENT  and THE COMPLETE BOOK OF HORSE & SADDLE EQUIPMENT. Two for the price of one for your sidesaddle library. The former printed in Great Britain in 1984 gives passing mention to sidesaddle. The second book, printed in Italy in 1981 but designed in Great Britain, has an 8-page chapter with remarkable photographs of sidesaddles including 2 full-page of the Owen. Some history plus sound advice on fitting and balancing. A good reference work.  $25


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